Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Sugar-free Easter treat ideas.

I've given up sugar!
I know, my timing is impeccable...less than two weeks before Easter weekend and I'm having to avoid the chocolate aisle at the supermarket whilst fighting off mega sugar cravings.

So I've been looking for Easter treat ideas with a zero-calorific content....







Craft kits...

How did I do...? See anything you like...? 
I'm off to find some more carrot sticks...at this rate I'll turn into the Easter Bunny!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Seeing stars...a simple decorating motif.

A firm favourite at Dreams and Wishes, stars are a wonderful motif for decorating kid's room...here's a little reminder why...

Images, clockwise from top left...momsbestnetwork roomtobloom etsy peonyandsage lorenacanals

Monday, 9 March 2015

Great kid's room storage ideas.

I don't know anyone who says they couldn't do with a bit more space to store away the clutter of family life...and it's sometimes hard to imagine you can squeeze another inch of storage from anywhere...well how about these ingenious ideas...!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Kid's rooms with a pop of colour.

Wanted to show you these rooms...just because they include a bit of colour...!
Just in case you're as fed up with this grey and rainy weather as I am.



Friday, 13 February 2015

Happy Valentines...

Not the 'norm' for a Dreams and Wishes blog I know...but what's the harm in just taking time out and wishing you all a little bit of love and kindness...?

Mind you, these images are not as randomly chosen as you might think...something about each of them inspired an idea for decorating a kid's room...the colours, the heart motifs, the textures...etc, etc, etc!
Yes, it's that easy to start a mood-board for your decorating dilemmas...so why not give it a go this weekend for a feel good vibe...?

I found these images here...bhg, tomboyvintage, etsy, and behance.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Would you choose a rustic cot for your new baby?

We see them in images of stylish family homes around the globe...rustic-looking cots in unfinished woods and rattans that, apparently, break all the safety rules out there.
So why do parents choose them over modern styles....I think I know...

...'cos they look so flippin' lovely...

images from top left petitandsmall, remodelista, spoediez, image, balluns, thebooandtheboy, kickcanandconkers, flickr, kifkef, pinterest, leblogdelittlevintage

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Kid's wallpapers from Little Cube.

I'm mostly of the opinion that when choosing larger decorative elements for your kid's room it's a good idea to avoid 'child-specific' themes that'll date very quickly...and whilst at first glance I thought Little Cube's kid's wallpapers were firmly in the 'limited time-frame' category, I'm now not so sure!

How charming is this example for instance?
The lack of colour gives it a certain sophisticated style, don't you think?
And the characters are just perfect for making up bed-time stories with the little ones.

I'd keep with the monochrome theme with other features in the room...including a matt black cot or bed...

And blue-grey string lights for a cool scandi feel...

Being a lover of Donna Wilson's animal characters, I'd have to include one or two deliciously soft cat cushions too!

Forgive me...can I indulge my inner Maileg...?
No room based on cats would be complete without one of these little fellas....

Oh! and here's another example of my blossoming mood-board skills....can you see the improvements?