Saturday, 21 November 2015

Kid's rooms made for sleep-overs.

It's one thing to share a room with a's something completely different to have the ultimate sleep-over bedroom...!

I'm sure all the kid's rooms featured here are 'fully-occupied' on a regular basis...but oh to be the envy of your mates when hosting an overnight party in these spaces...

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Sunday, 1 November 2015

A must-see exhibition at The Barbican this Winter...

I'm not sure if I've made it clear how fascinated I am with husband-and-wife design team, Charles and Ray Eames...and their classic pieces that grace many a modern interior.

Well, take it from me, I'm fascinated...and can't wait to get down to the Barbican Centre, in London to see their work in a new exhibition.

Here's three of my favourite Eames designs...perfect for kid's rooms....yes, I know, it's that elephant again!

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Happy Halloween...

Oh, how I love Halloween...I've spent today threading plastic skeletons onto string for a spooky garland to hang out on Saturday...I tried taking a photo but they were so ghost-like that even the camera couldn't focus on them...!! 

Unfortunately, the new website has been a's live, just a few tweaks my 'Fright-night' preparations are pretty slap-dash this year...I haven't even got the treats in yet!!!

Hope your plans are going a little better...

If only I'd had the time to try these ideas.!

Sunday, 18 October 2015

The countdown is on for the new Dreams and Wishes website.

Barring any last-minute hitches, the new Dreams and Wishes website should be hitting the world-wide web any time tomorrow...Yay!
It's been a long time coming and has distracted me from many of my other activities...including this blog I'm afraid...!

Dreams and Wishes provides an interior design service specialising in children's rooms and sells a range of relevant products...sorry, that sounds a bit 'corporate''s a taster of what's on the website so far...

Now I can properly focus on my new career path, I hope you'll continue to share with me the little milestones along the way...and thank-you for coming this far with me already...

Sunday, 20 September 2015

National Baby Safety Month...toy safety tips.

I've been distracted recently!
The new Dreams and Wishes website is so close to completion I can hardly contain myself...mind you, it has meant quite a bit of work on my part to provide the developers with images and content so my apologies if you feel I've neglected you.

I've found it really hard to write descriptions for the toys and accessories going on the website too...well, during the day I the middle of the night, no problem..!

Still, it's forced me to consider safety aspects, and undertake a bit of research to make sure I'm including the right information...quite appropriate really, as we're half-way through National Baby Safety Month...

So here's some of what I've learned...

Buy quality, well-made toys from retailers you trust and make sure they meet recognised safety standards, look for relevant safety symbols.

Check 'age suitability' guidelines and avoid buttons, beads and ribbons that could be become a choke hazard if pulled off.

Check the condition of your baby's toys for broken or damaged parts and avoid very small parts on toys for children under three years old.

Above all...supervise your baby as they play...!

Check out these delightful examples of a baby's first toy...crochet rattles...

Monday, 7 September 2015

National Baby Safety elephant auction in aid of S.I.D.S.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a devastating condition that affects about 300 families a year in the UK.
One of these families set up the charity Teddy's Wish last year in memory of their son, Edward Louis Reid, and this month Designjunction2015 in London will hold an 'auction of elephants' with all proceeds going to Teddy's Wish to fund research into S.I.D.S.

These elephants...!

Yes, twenty-one of these Eames favourites have been 'customized' by a number of influential designers, and will be displayed at Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, as part of the London Design Festival, until their auction, starting on 23rd September.

Here's a few reasons why they're still a design classic after all these years...