Monday, 25 July 2011

Kid's room photography from Malin.

Take a look at the dreamy photos on this blog.
I especially love the kid's rooms...

But what about the detail shots...? A true lessen in how to make kid's clutter look desirable...!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Outer-space kid's room ideas.

It's exactly fourty-two years ago today that Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon and uttered those now immortal words...'One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.'

Coincidentally, and please forgive my indulgence if Star Trek is not your thing, Captain Jean Luc Picard of the starship Enterprise will be born 294 years from now on July 13th...!

So how about an 'outer space' inspired room for the kids?

As with any decorating project, it pays to take some time on the overall look you want to achieve...outer space is a popular subject and ranges from retro cartoons like the Jetsons through to the ultra-stylish Avatar.

Given my choice, I'd pick a Star Trek theme...!

With a dramatic colour scheme of deep blues and silvers...
Just a tip, movie posters offer both colour inspiration and a decorative feature in the finished room...

A show-stopping piece of furniture....this shuttle-bed reminds me of the little transporters used on the starship Enterprise....

Moon inspired soft furnishings....yes, those really are cushions above!

Futuristic looking lighting.... I am loving this starship Enterprise ceiling light...

And the use of LED lighting in this hotel room is just WOWEE!!

This image is an actual artist's impression of how the living quarters on the Enterprise would look...
I could easily see this working for a teenager's room...

I'm off, in true 'trekkie' style....'Energise'...

Monday, 18 July 2011

Interiors inspiration...a rosy glow from Debi Treloar.

A successful interior starts with a little inspiration...
Debi Treloar, through her beautiful photography, never fails to get me's a few of her images that give me a 'rosy glow' on a rainy Summer's day.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Storage ideas for small toys.

Any parent, whatever the age of their kids, is no doubt aware of the endless collections of small toys that seem to accumulate almost without warning. I'm talking about things like marbles, lego, dolls accessories, small cars...the list goes on..!
So how to store these items effectively without making it difficult for the kids...?
Plastic containers are probably one of the most ecconomical and efficient storage solutions for little bits and can label them easily...stack them to save space...and they are available in almost every size you can think of!

If you're not keen on plastics in your kid's about baskets?
These, again, are great at hiding away bits and pieces, although not so effective for stacking...!

These numbered baskets add such a calming effect to what would make a great crafting/play room...I can just imagine a rabble of kids around that table creating their masterpieces...and then everything back in the baskets minutes after they've finished...easy peasy!

Take inspiration from the kitchen and use magnetic knife racks for metal toys....

Or the garden...with painted trellis and a few drawer knobs...just fill draw-string bags with toys and hang out of the way.

Look out for office storage equipment that will adapt for kid's toys...

Or D.I.Y. accessories...this tool box is easily portable and offers a bit of extra seating...!

Storage for your kid's toys can be as varied as the items you'll be putting in keep an eye out for anything that may suit your needs...

Hope this helps with clearing the little bits and pieces away...!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Nursery style for Harper Beckham

Congratulations to David and Victoria Beckham on the birth of their daughter Harper Seven.
Word has it that no expense has been spared on a nursery fit for a princess...although the average figure is about £50,000...!
Apparently the room is decorated in a 'shabby-chic' style with a French feel...and is pink!

So I've been thinking how I'd fulfil such a brief...

My inspiration comes from faded flowers, vintage jewellery and a classic ballet dress.

There's much speculation that the nursery furniture comes from Petit Tresor...and is decorated with bunnies.

Could this be the wardrobe that will house Harper's first designer fashion collection?

I love the idea of a bit of an American twist to the decor with masses of soft furnishings in pinky tones.
What about the delicate mural too...?

Fluffy rugs on the floor and a bit of boudoir chic with 'dressy' seating...

Girly lighting...

...and ruffles of soft fabric at the windows...
There's that soft mural idea again...!

I think 'understated with a glamorous feel' describes my efforts...what do you think?
How would you tackle a nursery for the Beckhams? 

Friday, 8 July 2011

Weekend project, painting a chalkboard for your kid's room.

I'm a big fan of chalkboard gives the flexibility to design and create chalkboard wall art to suit your own needs, and takes little time or effort!
And what child wouldn't love a reusable wall to doodle over...?

So, here's how you do it...
First decide on where the chalkboard is going to go...and what shape it's going to be!
Ask the kids what they'd like or blend in with their interests, animals, music, mythical name it!

specialised from the heart

Simple box shapes are best marked out with masking tape.
If you've decided on a more complicated shape, try drawing straight onto the wall or making a stencil.

Then paint on the chalkboard'll need two to three coats to give a really good surface.

Once the paint has dried fully...check details on the tin...rub the surface over with a piece of chalk and wash off...this apparently helps future cleaning of the surface!

There! You're done...a useful drawing surface for the kids and a saving on paper into the bargain...!

If your kids are older and 'out and about' why not create a calandar in their room for updates on social and school activities...?

Have you given your home the chalkboard paint makeover?
I'd love to see your artistic talents....