Sunday, 30 June 2013

Tips for planning a baby shower...

According to etiquette, a baby shower should ideally be organised by a close friend of the mum-to-be within the third trimester, and most modern events include a themed venue, nibbles and games as well as the traditional gift-giving.

So as the Duchess of Cambridge prepares for her very own baby shower, with the help of her experienced 'party-organising' family, here's our top tips for presenting your own memorable day....

No 1....Select a venue.
Most hotels and restaurants are very accommodating for such parties, and less obvious venues are rapidly catching salons are the latest popular trend for yummy-mummies-to-be!
Avoid hosting the shower at the expectant mother's home as she may feel compelled to 'look after' her guests...

No 2....Invite your guests.
Check with the mum-to-be for an ideal guest-list and send invites in good time, to allow for replies.
Include a gift wish-list if appropriate. Check here for invitation card ideas.


No 3....Keep decorations simple.
A few simple additions will enhance rather than overpower...try fresh flowers, paper bunting garlands, pom-poms and fairy lights.

No 4....Plan for refreshments.
Whether it be through professional caterers or 'bring-your-own', it's best to stick to light nibbles or buffet treats, for a flexible and relaxed gathering.
If serving alcoholic drinks, always offer non-alcoholic alternatives.

No 5....Offer some entertainment.
Have a few simple baby-related games ready for lulls in the bingo, pin the dummy on the baby and 'don't say baby' are all favourites.
Find baby shower games here.

No 6....Mark the occasion.
Provide disposable cameras, hire a photographer, create a video or let guests record their 'word of wisdom' in a beautiful book.

Have you hosted a baby shower?...What's your top tip?...Let us know!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Boys rooms I love....

I find it deeply relaxing to just while away an afternoon browsing through images of beautiful interiors on the web....and my 'pictures library' is testament to's just a few re-visited favourites celebrating our month of all things 'boys'....




Monday, 24 June 2013

Play-proof your boy's room...

Most little boys love rough and tumble play...with no consideration of the consequences sometimes!
So it makes sense to design a room they can play in to their heart's content...while you can relax knowing they can do no damage...

Carpets are prone to spills...and hinder try racing toy cars across a deep-pile!
So try wood laminates, rubber or cork floors...paint original floorboards, or just lay a selection of bright-coloured cotton rugs down.

Any furniture is likely to be transformed, on a regular basis, into various play-time props, so will take a few knocks...daily!
There's no point getting precious over valuable, heirloom items...furnish a boy's room with second-hand pieces that will take the damage....


I may be repeating myself...I'm sure I am...but I love industrial style lighting and it so suits a boy's room...

And when play is over for the day....make it easy for the little ones to put everything away...


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Boy's rooms made for sharing.

Double up sleeping arrangements for the little's a few examples that caught my eye while day-dreaming online....again!......bliss....



Tuesday, 18 June 2013

boys rooms....planes, boats and trains.

Hope all the dads had a great weekend for Father's it's back to the little boys...and three favourite, timeless decor ideas involving travel....