Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Marimekko...6o years young.

I'm sure you've probably seen one or two Marimekko fabrics in your time...they are, more often than not, bold bright and 'in your face' a nice way!

The company was started in 1951 by husband and wife team, Viljo and Armi Ratia, in Helsinki, Finland...the modern philosophy is stated on the website about wanting to be '..the world's most prestigious pattern design at a time!'

The Folksy style and bold colours of many of the textile, and more recently wallpaper, designs lend themselves perfectly to children's rooms....take a look.

And, equally in mid-century style interiors...

Ikea have used Marimekko designs for their furniture covers...

Just take a look at the riot of colour in their Helsinki store...

Saturday, 26 March 2011

New book from Atlanta Bartlett

We're always excited at Dreams and Wishes when we hear about new books on interiors...and Atlanta Bartlett's books have long been a desirable purchase.
Her new book, Pale and Interesting, is a colaboration with her equally talented husband, Dave Coote...more about him in another blog!...and arrives at a time when most of us are emerging from dull Winter days into Spring sunshine, and want our homes to reflect the fresh, relaxed, simple style of the new season. Atlanta's natural interior styling has seen her work with many of the top UK style/interiors magazines and remains a continual fashion style for family homes...
Indulge in the following images and take inspiration for your own home...

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Stokke kid's furniture.

Founded in 1932, Stokke is a Scandinavian design company who, since 2006, have devoted their skills to designing children's nursery furniture...and Dreams and Wishes loves their stuff!!
All the pieces are adaptable to grow with your child, thereby saving the expense of new furniture every couple of years...and being Scandinavian, you'd expect great design wouldn't you...?
Well, you're not disappointed...!
Take a look at some items from their nursery range...

This little crib is far more appealing than most Moses baskets on the market...and can be expanded to cot size when your baby is ready.

And it just keeps cot bed...!
Here's a favourite nursery design using the Stokke cots...

Monday, 21 March 2011

Playrooms...a few favourites.

It's been a lovely weekend here in the heart of Suffolk, UK...even the sun made an appearance...
and the sound of laughing kids letting off steam in the gardens around me made a welcome return...albeit briefly.
It got me thinking about indoor play and the beauty of space put aside for letting off steam!
Take a look at these Dreams and Wishes favourites for inspiration in your own home...


Sorry folks...I've forgotten where some of these images came from...if you recognise them, please let me know...thanks!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Essential furniture for your baby's nursery.

Here at Dreams and Wishes, Children's Interiors, we know how tempting it is to get carried away with the style and look of your baby's room without considering the essentails that will make your life so much easier.
Colours, fabrics, toys and accessories can sometimes come before the basics...
But what are the essential items of furniture you'll need for those early days of parenthood?
It's easy to get confused with all the contradictory information available...but there are one or two items that crop up on most 'professional' lists...whatever their point of view.
  1. Somewhere for baby to sleep...this may be a moses basket or similar in the first few months...whether you're buying from new or using an heirloom basket, always invest in a new mattress....It won't be long before you're looking for something more substantial though...a cot or cot-bed, and it pays to shop around to find one best suited to your needs rather than just the design's a lot less back-breaking to change a colour scheme than it is to keep lifting baby in and out of a poorly designed cot!

  2. Storage/'s fashionable these days to combine storage and baby changing using a simple chest of drawers. Not only does it save space to combine the two, but you've got a functional piece of furniture that can adapt as your baby gets older.

  3. A comfortable chair...! This is more for mum (or dad) when you just need somewhere comfortable while spending time with your baby....and night time feeds might just be a little more bearable too...!!

That's it!

Your baby is unlikely to need any more furniture than this for the first few years...ideal for saving space in the nursery and avoiding unnecessary expense on items that have a limited usefulness. Nursery furniture is big business these days which has led to some great styles at all price take some time out to see what's'll be pleasantly surprised, I guarantee.

Image...Capital Style

Monday, 14 March 2011

Will you be 'glamping' at Camp Royale?

Clapham Common looks like the place to be for the Royal Wedding weekend.
For three days, the site will be one big campsite...but not just any campsite, oh, no...this is where all the 'unofficial' wedding guests will be staying for the big occasion.
And it's going to be quite a posh affair me thinks! You only have to look at the website,
Camp Royale, to see all the facilities on show...and the offer of a good ol' cup of tea!! I could get used to this camping lark..!
Are you going to be there...?

Just check out this tent...available on the's not quite what I remember from my Girl-Guide days...!! They've even got a competion for the most creative interior on site! Things really have at Dreams and Wishes we're looking forward to a peek at the winning tent!

It almost makes me feel like dusting off the tarpaulin and throwing my Billycan into a rucksack
for a night under the stars...! But not quite! I feel I am mentally scarred from my childhood days, when camping meant rain, rain and more rain!
Funny then that I can recall many happy moments (most of them wet) from my camping experiences.

If you can't make it to the Royal about a trip out to one of these campsites this Summer..?

Let me know about your good, bad, funny, wet, cold, hot, scary camping's good for my own recovery.

Images from Jolly Days and Camp Royale

Friday, 11 March 2011

Light up your interior with Scandi style.

The UK is finally edging towards Spring...and the days are definately getting slightly longer..!
I'm not a great fan of the Winter months...Oh, I know there are great things to be experienced..I was the first one out in the snow this year, and there's nothing like a walk along the beach on a cold day to blow away the cobwebs...but I miss the light!
So, like many of you, I love the simple, uncomplicated style of Scandinavian interiors.
The basic rules are easy to remember...
  • make the most use of available natural light
  • stick to light colours...whites and beiges
  • use natural linen or cotton fabrics
  • choose furniture in light woods such as beech, pine or ash
  • soften wooden floors with cotton rugs

I can't help thinking this no-fuss style lends itself to the everyday rigours of family life so well... Easily maintained surfaces, washable fabrics, more space...

Take a look at the website of photographer Per Gunnarsson for more beautiful Scandinavian style...
Photos also from Trendzine and Home Design Decorating.

Friday, 4 March 2011

A little bit of hallway heaven.

Firstly...I must apologise for not blogging on unexpected stay at my father's...and he has no computer!
And I've not got a laptop...I swear someone is going to drag us both kicking and screaming into the 21st century before long...!!
But back to hallways...if your home is anything like mine, the hallway becomes a regular dumping ground for all the detrius that seems to have nowhere else to go.
Add to that the kids coming in and dumping shoes, boots, bags coats, etc and the place soon becomes a less than pleasing introduction to your family home.
Any storage you chose should match your family's lifestyle...and quick and easy for everyone to use.
Include storage at all levels, such as baskets for the kids to chuck muddy boots and shoes into and low level pegs or hooks for their coats and bags...just like school.
Bench seating can be useful when getting footwear on and off...and can add extra storage.
Don't forget the grown-ups...lots of little items get dumped at the front door...such as keys,etc.
Simple storage boxes can help keep these important bits and pieces safe.
Try adding a blackboard near the front door for family messages.