Monday, 14 March 2011

Will you be 'glamping' at Camp Royale?

Clapham Common looks like the place to be for the Royal Wedding weekend.
For three days, the site will be one big campsite...but not just any campsite, oh, no...this is where all the 'unofficial' wedding guests will be staying for the big occasion.
And it's going to be quite a posh affair me thinks! You only have to look at the website,
Camp Royale, to see all the facilities on show...and the offer of a good ol' cup of tea!! I could get used to this camping lark..!
Are you going to be there...?

Just check out this tent...available on the's not quite what I remember from my Girl-Guide days...!! They've even got a competion for the most creative interior on site! Things really have at Dreams and Wishes we're looking forward to a peek at the winning tent!

It almost makes me feel like dusting off the tarpaulin and throwing my Billycan into a rucksack
for a night under the stars...! But not quite! I feel I am mentally scarred from my childhood days, when camping meant rain, rain and more rain!
Funny then that I can recall many happy moments (most of them wet) from my camping experiences.

If you can't make it to the Royal about a trip out to one of these campsites this Summer..?

Let me know about your good, bad, funny, wet, cold, hot, scary camping's good for my own recovery.

Images from Jolly Days and Camp Royale

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