Friday, 4 March 2011

A little bit of hallway heaven.

Firstly...I must apologise for not blogging on unexpected stay at my father's...and he has no computer!
And I've not got a laptop...I swear someone is going to drag us both kicking and screaming into the 21st century before long...!!
But back to hallways...if your home is anything like mine, the hallway becomes a regular dumping ground for all the detrius that seems to have nowhere else to go.
Add to that the kids coming in and dumping shoes, boots, bags coats, etc and the place soon becomes a less than pleasing introduction to your family home.
Any storage you chose should match your family's lifestyle...and quick and easy for everyone to use.
Include storage at all levels, such as baskets for the kids to chuck muddy boots and shoes into and low level pegs or hooks for their coats and bags...just like school.
Bench seating can be useful when getting footwear on and off...and can add extra storage.
Don't forget the grown-ups...lots of little items get dumped at the front door...such as keys,etc.
Simple storage boxes can help keep these important bits and pieces safe.
Try adding a blackboard near the front door for family messages.

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