Friday, 18 March 2011

Essential furniture for your baby's nursery.

Here at Dreams and Wishes, Children's Interiors, we know how tempting it is to get carried away with the style and look of your baby's room without considering the essentails that will make your life so much easier.
Colours, fabrics, toys and accessories can sometimes come before the basics...
But what are the essential items of furniture you'll need for those early days of parenthood?
It's easy to get confused with all the contradictory information available...but there are one or two items that crop up on most 'professional' lists...whatever their point of view.
  1. Somewhere for baby to sleep...this may be a moses basket or similar in the first few months...whether you're buying from new or using an heirloom basket, always invest in a new mattress....It won't be long before you're looking for something more substantial though...a cot or cot-bed, and it pays to shop around to find one best suited to your needs rather than just the design's a lot less back-breaking to change a colour scheme than it is to keep lifting baby in and out of a poorly designed cot!

  2. Storage/'s fashionable these days to combine storage and baby changing using a simple chest of drawers. Not only does it save space to combine the two, but you've got a functional piece of furniture that can adapt as your baby gets older.

  3. A comfortable chair...! This is more for mum (or dad) when you just need somewhere comfortable while spending time with your baby....and night time feeds might just be a little more bearable too...!!

That's it!

Your baby is unlikely to need any more furniture than this for the first few years...ideal for saving space in the nursery and avoiding unnecessary expense on items that have a limited usefulness. Nursery furniture is big business these days which has led to some great styles at all price take some time out to see what's'll be pleasantly surprised, I guarantee.

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