Sunday, 20 September 2015

National Baby Safety Month...toy safety tips.

I've been distracted recently!
The new Dreams and Wishes website is so close to completion I can hardly contain myself...mind you, it has meant quite a bit of work on my part to provide the developers with images and content so my apologies if you feel I've neglected you.

I've found it really hard to write descriptions for the toys and accessories going on the website too...well, during the day I the middle of the night, no problem..!

Still, it's forced me to consider safety aspects, and undertake a bit of research to make sure I'm including the right information...quite appropriate really, as we're half-way through National Baby Safety Month...

So here's some of what I've learned...

Buy quality, well-made toys from retailers you trust and make sure they meet recognised safety standards, look for relevant safety symbols.

Check 'age suitability' guidelines and avoid buttons, beads and ribbons that could be become a choke hazard if pulled off.

Check the condition of your baby's toys for broken or damaged parts and avoid very small parts on toys for children under three years old.

Above all...supervise your baby as they play...!

Check out these delightful examples of a baby's first toy...crochet rattles...

Monday, 7 September 2015

National Baby Safety elephant auction in aid of S.I.D.S.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a devastating condition that affects about 300 families a year in the UK.
One of these families set up the charity Teddy's Wish last year in memory of their son, Edward Louis Reid, and this month Designjunction2015 in London will hold an 'auction of elephants' with all proceeds going to Teddy's Wish to fund research into S.I.D.S.

These elephants...!

Yes, twenty-one of these Eames favourites have been 'customized' by a number of influential designers, and will be displayed at Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, as part of the London Design Festival, until their auction, starting on 23rd September.

Here's a few reasons why they're still a design classic after all these years...




Tuesday, 1 September 2015

National Baby Safety for choosing a cot.

It's probably one of the most important, and pricey, purchases for your new baby and deserves calm consideration...on day one of National Baby Safety Month, here's three top tips on choosing the best cot for your little one.

One...all new cots should conform to safety standard BSEN716, which determines such features as the gaps between bars and base depth. So check your new cot's design is covered by this legislation. 

Two...If buying a second-hand cot or inheriting a family heirloom, check for old paints that could include harmful products. If in doubt get the cot stripped and start again with a modern, child-friendly finish. Older cots may not conform to British Standard guidelines but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be considered...find out about the cot's history, you may find several grown-ups slept soundly in it as babies..!

 amberinteriors via ministyleblog


Three...Whatever your decision, make sure you can get a brand-new mattress to fit your needs to fit snuggly with no gaps that little hands or faces can get trapped in. 

Now, I'm no expert and these tips are, by no means, the only things to consider in the circumstances...
whatever you decide, take your time and seek professional advice from those you trust...

Check out these websites for more...NCT and SIDS