Sunday, 24 January 2016

Charles and Ray Eames Exhibition...a personal review.

I finally made it to the Barbican last see the Eames Exhibition...unfortunately, it wasn't the positive experience I'd been expecting. Maybe I'm just not 'arty' enough but I found the venue dark and depressing and the exhibition itself rather lacking the 'wow' factor, bearing in mind the huge influence this couple had on mid-century design.
Don't get me wrong, there were highlights...the original copy of a poem from former Prime Minister,Tony Benn, stuck in my mind for days after...

And I discovered 'The Toy'...a building structure for kids that could be made into all sorts of play accessories...

And the exquisite examples of their handwriting...especially Ray Eames's tiny diary, open on the page that her husband died, and marked with just his poignant she died ten years the very day!

And then there was this fellow...hanging in a prominent spot at the top of the stairs in the centre of the exhibition...!

Yes...a whale!
Can anyone help me out with the significance of this strangely appealing creature?
I'm assuming he was in the exhibition because, as seen here, he originally lived in the famous Eames House in Los Angeles...any ideas...?

All told, a mixed review I'm afraid...a small collection of personal highlights hidden within drab surroundings...
I'll leave you with the sort of colour-burst I'd expected...

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Summer trend for kid's rooms...Cacti.

Yes, cacti...they were all over the place at the first trade show of the year in London...and trend analysts have been predicting the same for months now.

But we're not thinking 'Wild West'...this Summer it's Totally Tropical...

Colour is making a massive come-back after several seasons of white minimalism...think lush greens and blues teamed with exotic pinks for an exotic feel.
Dark or brightly painted woods, tropical leaf motifs and those all important cactus features are all you need to embrace this fun, lively theme...for boys and girls, baby to teenager, this theme works for all.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Is this book the ultimate in clutter-busting advice?

I can't remember when I first noticed Marie Kondo's new book, The Life-changing Magic of Tidying, but I'll confess I initially decided to buy it only on the basis that over 700 people had reviewed it fondly via Amazon, sparking my curiosity...

Now, you need to understand that I'm a wannabe minimalist with a hoarder's mentality and whilst I love things to be in place and orderly, that little clutter-loving devil on my shoulder often intervenes and chaos reigns!
So, a little sceptically, I settled down to read the secrets of effective tidying according to the KonMarie Method...and a few hours later I'd finished the book and thrown out three bags of clothes, by following this very simple process!
You've really only got to master two principles...discard first and designate a place for what's left..!
OK, that's a little too simplistic...there's some very good advice on how to 'let go of stuff' for instance...something I've always struggled with, more to do with practicalities than sentimentality...which meant I've had no regrets over my recent charity donations...well, maybe the neon pink wedges that, surprisingly, I'd never worn in the four years I'd had them...!

More telling is the feeling of liberation and motivation I've had over the first few days of a wet and miserable new it might just be sheer chance that I've completed a number of long-standing tasks since starting my KonMarie clear-out but I can't help thinking Marie's claims that 'the magic of tidying dramatically transforms your life' could well be true!

I'll certainly be advocating the benefits of the KonMarie Method of tidying to Dreams and Wishes clients from now on...