Friday, 30 September 2011

Kid's rooms made for sharing.

Yea! I've got my computer back...! And whilst I love the portability of a laptop, I don't think I can live without a mouse!!

Anyway...back to blogging.
Something easy on the about ideas for a shared kid's are a few Dreams and Wishes favourites...and not a bunk-bed in sight!

interior arcade

Friday, 23 September 2011

Have you seen this Welsh Hobbit house...?

This little eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable house was built by hand by Simon Dale over four months, using salvaged materials....and even more surprisingly, he has no building experience!

What a cutie!

Find out about all the eco features here...

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Kid's rooms I'm loving right now...

I'm still struggling with an alien computer, while my faithful old 'steam-driven' desk top is being worked I'm having to pour over all the gorgeous kid's rooms images out there all over's a hard job..sigh....!!

Some of my (ever-changing) favourites are here....

design dazzle
 There's something about the colour-scheme of this room that appeals to me...very grown-up!

jmoys blog

Colour again with this room...there's just enough soft plum to make the grey look warming...


This nursery image always gives me a sense of space whenever I look at it...I know many children's rooms are much smaller than this...but light colours and good storage can help...

Clever use of the space available in this room...
Putting the bed on an elevated platform means plenty of 'social space' for visiting friends.

anne sage

With all things vintage still a big thing in interiors...the use of wallpaper off-cuts in this room is a delightful touch...
The whole scheme appeals to my 'mix-and-match' personal style.

totally home decor

What a great backdrop for a space-loving child?
I can sometimes become a little jaded with pale, light, Scandinavian style interiors...I say sometimes, not often...but this room is a real tonic...!

There you have it....a few rooms I'm loving right now...
What are your faves...? 

Monday, 19 September 2011

Decorating ideas for car loving kid's rooms.

While wandering around the 'web world' I came across this German hotel room design...!
Yes, a hotel room...what a great idea though for your little one if they are car-mad?

So here's the Dreams and Wishes take on a 'little mechanic's' bedroom...

Firstly, this textured rubber flooring is warm underfoot while giving an industrial feel...
And then there's the car!
We're thinking a car shaped bed is the ultimate for any little mechanic...

Keep the room tidy using metal cabinets and give it a workshop feel...

Keep the walls simple with a coat of white paint and accessorise with motor memorabilia....
Try vintage garage signs, industrial style lighting, bunting, etc....

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Decorating kid's rooms with trees.

Give a perpetual Springtime feel to your kid's room with leafy tree decorations...

These designs can be bought ready to paste onto the walls...but you can co-ordinate with your own interior scheme by using carefully selected wallpaper samples or good quality gift wrapping paper.

Dreams and Wishes loves the bird box lamp, highlighting this tree decal...

If you prefer something more subtle...use a sample design, or your own idea...and paint your own wall art....this soft grey works well with the delicate design.

Add drama with dashes of bright colour....

This family tree print from Famille Summerbelle is a nursery could use this as inspiration for your own wall size family tree....and give focus to a selection of family photos.

We're liking this idea....bring out the inner twitcher in your kids with a tree full of labelled bird shapes.

Corian is usually associated with kitchen worktops....but we're loving this shelf system...and it's likely to withstand anything the kids can throw at it.

And finally....a modular climbing frame for an interior wall!
These simple pieces can be individually fitted to the wall for an irresistible climbing frame...

Why not take a look in your kid's room...maybe there's a wall just crying out for a tree decoration project...? 

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Stylish teen boy bedrooms.

Forgive me if this blog lacks a certain finesse...I've managed to 'break' my usual computer, and am working with a dear friend's laptop...!! I miss the comfort of my machine, and I'm finding it difficult to locate all the features I'd usually use.
Despite this I've managed to find a few teenage bedroom styles that the boys would feel right at home in...'s been a lesson in technology just to get this blog finished....!
Hopefully back to my comfort zone in the next few days.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Back to school in style.

For many of you the next few days will be a last-minute mad dash to get everything ready for school next week...eager little shoppers will be pestering their parents for all sorts of 'stuff' to fill school bags ready for anything the teacher may task them with...

Dreams and Wishes looks at a few essential purchases for the new school term...

Something to write with is a must!
Combine some sensible items amongst the weird and wonderful pieces your child will claim they can't live without....don't forget ruler, rubbers, pencil sharpeners, etc.

A pencil case....well, they're going to need somewhere to put all those stationary items you've just spent a small fortune on...!

 Once lessons get going there'll be notes and papers to store...two or three ring binders are ideal to keep everything safe...and in one place!

Finally, a sturdy bag or backpack to carry everything to and from school.

We're loving the Retro vibe at the moment...with bright, bold logos with a more 'grown-up' feel.

Good luck with your preparations...and here's to the new school term..!