Sunday, 11 September 2011

Decorating kid's rooms with trees.

Give a perpetual Springtime feel to your kid's room with leafy tree decorations...

These designs can be bought ready to paste onto the walls...but you can co-ordinate with your own interior scheme by using carefully selected wallpaper samples or good quality gift wrapping paper.

Dreams and Wishes loves the bird box lamp, highlighting this tree decal...

If you prefer something more subtle...use a sample design, or your own idea...and paint your own wall art....this soft grey works well with the delicate design.

Add drama with dashes of bright colour....

This family tree print from Famille Summerbelle is a nursery could use this as inspiration for your own wall size family tree....and give focus to a selection of family photos.

We're liking this idea....bring out the inner twitcher in your kids with a tree full of labelled bird shapes.

Corian is usually associated with kitchen worktops....but we're loving this shelf system...and it's likely to withstand anything the kids can throw at it.

And finally....a modular climbing frame for an interior wall!
These simple pieces can be individually fitted to the wall for an irresistible climbing frame...

Why not take a look in your kid's room...maybe there's a wall just crying out for a tree decoration project...? 

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