Monday, 31 January 2011

Just a touch of red will do...

As we approach Valentine's Day, it seems appropriate to look at ideas for decorating with red...the colour of passion and energy!
Feng Shui experts recommend adding touches of red in a child's bedroom, for a cosy feel without over-stimulation.
Try a new lampshade or a collection of painted picture frames, a few cushions or a rug perhaps...?
A few Dreams and Wishes favourites to get you in the mood.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Classic design for every interior...Eames.

Yesterday was a blur of commitments and rushing about here, there and I didn't get a chance to blog.
And all I could think about from late afternoon onwards is having a bit of a 'power-nap' and a cup of tea...! My ideal location for this moment of indulgence..? An eames lounge chair and ottoman, just like this one.....bliss...!

Charles and 'Ray' Eames were a husband and wife team who, in the 40's and 50's, produced a wealth of furniture, textile and architectural ideas based on the ideal '...better living through better design...'.
Some of their furniture designs are reproduced by Italian company Vitra and, whilst 'pricey', they are a real design investment.
These are a few of my favourite Eames kid's ideas........

Photos courtesy of LivingEtc, Ohdeedoh, Inhabitots and Stardust.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Upcycling is the 'new black'...

It used to be so simple didn't it...? You either recycled or you didn't.
Now we're recycling, precycling, downcycling and upcycling....!!
I can't say I completely understand the exact terminology for each 'cycle' but they make it kid friendly at Planet Pals.
Talking of which...there's nothing more unique in a kids room than your own recycled design feature...whether it be a repainted piece of second-hand furniture or cushions made out of old jeans...! Planet Pals call it Refashioning'...I like that!!
Junk shops and car boot sales are a treasure-trove of potential D.I.Y. upcycling projects...start off small with ideas for lamps or soft furnishings and keep in mind how or where at home you can best use anything you find. If you're anything like me...too many projects ongoing at any one time...give yourself a break and stick to one or two projects at a time.
If you're seeking inspiration as to what can be achieved then take a look at Re's website...or The Old Cinema...for great ideas. You may find what you're looking for without even having to lift a paint brush.

Cute little bedside table given the minimal upcycling treatment...

Old jelly moulds for lamp shades...

Just add castors...for fun storage boxes....

'Rough and tumble' proof soft furnishings....

Friday, 21 January 2011

A weekend in the loft is planned...

Believe me...if my loft looked anything like this, I'd be happy to lock myself away up there for eternity....
Unfortunately, it's in need of a 'sort-out'...big time!!
So, armed with binbags, boxes and a flask of tea...I'll be occupied for some time, me thinks!
I'll leave you with some more inspirational attic spaces.....

Think of me...if only briefly....
Images include Coastal Living, HusoHem,

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Danish interior style

Well! I wasn't disappointed yesterday...lots of beautiful, beautiful things on display...and this company stood out, amongst others...!!
Ferm Living's style seems to have been influencing interiors for many years, but they've only been around since 2005. In that time they've developed a range of children's products that are not to missed.
How about this simple wall sticker calendar?...and it's a blackboard!

Although I'm loving all the kid's ranges, there's lots to keep the grown-ups happy too...
Look out for some of Ferm's products at Dreams and Wishes very soon.....

Friday, 14 January 2011

My kind of luxury kid's room...

I've got a busy weekend own fault...too many projects on the go, and not one of them near completion!!
So I've made a list...prioritised the important jobs...delegated one or two where I could...and have my 'reward' waiting for me when I'm done!!!
Seeing as I'm going to be roughing it this weekend, I thought I'd give you a taste of about these for top-of-the-range kid's room ideas...?

I love the luxurious feel of this room without it being OTT...the delicate patterns and soft colours give it a classic charm.

Tell me you wouldn't want this mini carousel in you room...? How adorable...

This is like something out of a story book...the Queen of the Fairies would be honoured to sleep here.....
Something a little less fanciful, but still beautiful...exotic colours and textiles add glamour!
More glorious pattern and an abundance of fabric give this room a luxury feel.
What 'luxury' features would you want in your child's room?
Or have you already succumbed and added that 'wow' feature already?
Got a picture...?

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Wall stickers...a design classic.

No kid's room is complete, these days, without the wall-sticker treatment...and it's no surprise with the huge variety of styles now available...there's something for everyone...!
Better still...they're easy to put you can revamp a wall, floor or ceiling in minutes...
Even better still...they're easy to take down...for when your little one has grown out of their latest 'fad'...!
O.K....they're a recent craze compared to some interior classics...but, nevertheless, sure to become a staple decorating consideration for years to come...

Try Belle and Boo, Wallstickershop, Wee Gallery, Mae and Inke for stylish examples...

Monday, 10 January 2011

Design Inspiration...fairy lights.

Well...! Christmas is all packed away for another year...and I can finally move freely around the living room again with the tree gone!
But there's something missing...the fairy lights...!!
I'd got so used to their cosy, star-lit twinkles lighting up the Winter just doesn't feel the same now they're gone.
So why do we save these popular decorative lights for just a few weeks when they're ideally suited to all-year-round use...?

Take a child's room for instance...
Many younger children find it difficult to settle at night without some form of lighting to reassure. A string of tiny bulbs, hung from shelving or across a curtain pole, can provide a soft glow without disturbing a sleepy youngster.
Or what about baby...?
Tiny tots spend a considerable amount of time staring at the ceiling...and pretty dull they can be too! Themed fairy lights strung from discrete hooks can offer decoration as well as a practical light source for late night feeds when you don't want your little one fully awake.

Older children too want their 'space' to feel welcoming and relaxed when friends come round...
Fairy lights offer cheap, adaptable lighting for teens to play around with as the mood suits.

I'm a big fan of string lights, fairy them what you will...and my home certainly feels a little 'lost' without that Christmassy glow.

I'm all for ideas to make string lights a popular, year-round decorative about you?Are you glad to see the back of them for another year, or are you, like me, planning where you can use them permanently about the house?

I'd love to hear from you about your ideas....

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Objects of Desire...Lego

Hi again...Yes, the second blog in one week...that's a first!
In future the Wednesday blog will feature design classics that will fit in, or can be adapted to fit into your child's room...

This week...Lego!

Oh!, I'm sure there are some of you who, so soon after Christmas, are fed up of the sight of the stuff...but how about these ideas for a grand interior statement...?

This Lego inspired 'wall-art' is, in fact, a radiator..!! The pieces can be snapped together for an original feature...unfortunately, they are only available from Scirocco in Italy at present.

This shelving has had a mention previously...I just love it! It's from Smansk in Sweden.
It wouldn't take much to spruce up some wooden storage boxes with a lick of paint and a few wooden discs in the style of a giant lego brick....
Or how about some seating...?

A whole wall of lego, perhaps...Oh, the possiblities....

Monday, 3 January 2011

Kid's Room Inspiration

I'm making Mondays a day for inspiration...!
As part of my New Year plan to get organised, every 'Monday montage' will feature ideas and suggestions on designing and decorating children's rooms.
This week it's 'Yellow'..!
With several weeks of drab, dull days to go before spring, I thought we could all do with a 'pick-me-up' and what better way to achieve this than sprinkling a bit of sunshine around the place...?

Introduce colour in small doses with cushions or bedding...vintage fabrics are still very popular and will add an original twist.
Try Reprodepot, Purl, Marimekko or Amy Butler for 'kid-friendly' prints without the 'twee'.

Feeling a bit more adventurous...? Add a wall feature! Check out Inmod for these ideas.
Or go for a coat of paint on a piece of furniture...

Room photo's courtesy of Livingetc and Cookie.