Monday, 10 January 2011

Design Inspiration...fairy lights.

Well...! Christmas is all packed away for another year...and I can finally move freely around the living room again with the tree gone!
But there's something missing...the fairy lights...!!
I'd got so used to their cosy, star-lit twinkles lighting up the Winter just doesn't feel the same now they're gone.
So why do we save these popular decorative lights for just a few weeks when they're ideally suited to all-year-round use...?

Take a child's room for instance...
Many younger children find it difficult to settle at night without some form of lighting to reassure. A string of tiny bulbs, hung from shelving or across a curtain pole, can provide a soft glow without disturbing a sleepy youngster.
Or what about baby...?
Tiny tots spend a considerable amount of time staring at the ceiling...and pretty dull they can be too! Themed fairy lights strung from discrete hooks can offer decoration as well as a practical light source for late night feeds when you don't want your little one fully awake.

Older children too want their 'space' to feel welcoming and relaxed when friends come round...
Fairy lights offer cheap, adaptable lighting for teens to play around with as the mood suits.

I'm a big fan of string lights, fairy them what you will...and my home certainly feels a little 'lost' without that Christmassy glow.

I'm all for ideas to make string lights a popular, year-round decorative about you?Are you glad to see the back of them for another year, or are you, like me, planning where you can use them permanently about the house?

I'd love to hear from you about your ideas....

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