Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Objects of Desire...Lego

Hi again...Yes, the second blog in one week...that's a first!
In future the Wednesday blog will feature design classics that will fit in, or can be adapted to fit into your child's room...

This week...Lego!

Oh!, I'm sure there are some of you who, so soon after Christmas, are fed up of the sight of the stuff...but how about these ideas for a grand interior statement...?

This Lego inspired 'wall-art' is, in fact, a radiator..!! The pieces can be snapped together for an original feature...unfortunately, they are only available from Scirocco in Italy at present.

This shelving has had a mention previously...I just love it! It's from Smansk in Sweden.
It wouldn't take much to spruce up some wooden storage boxes with a lick of paint and a few wooden discs in the style of a giant lego brick....
Or how about some seating...?

A whole wall of lego, perhaps...Oh, the possiblities....

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