Monday, 11 July 2011

Nursery style for Harper Beckham

Congratulations to David and Victoria Beckham on the birth of their daughter Harper Seven.
Word has it that no expense has been spared on a nursery fit for a princess...although the average figure is about £50,000...!
Apparently the room is decorated in a 'shabby-chic' style with a French feel...and is pink!

So I've been thinking how I'd fulfil such a brief...

My inspiration comes from faded flowers, vintage jewellery and a classic ballet dress.

There's much speculation that the nursery furniture comes from Petit Tresor...and is decorated with bunnies.

Could this be the wardrobe that will house Harper's first designer fashion collection?

I love the idea of a bit of an American twist to the decor with masses of soft furnishings in pinky tones.
What about the delicate mural too...?

Fluffy rugs on the floor and a bit of boudoir chic with 'dressy' seating...

Girly lighting...

...and ruffles of soft fabric at the windows...
There's that soft mural idea again...!

I think 'understated with a glamorous feel' describes my efforts...what do you think?
How would you tackle a nursery for the Beckhams? 

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