Thursday, 14 July 2011

Storage ideas for small toys.

Any parent, whatever the age of their kids, is no doubt aware of the endless collections of small toys that seem to accumulate almost without warning. I'm talking about things like marbles, lego, dolls accessories, small cars...the list goes on..!
So how to store these items effectively without making it difficult for the kids...?
Plastic containers are probably one of the most ecconomical and efficient storage solutions for little bits and can label them easily...stack them to save space...and they are available in almost every size you can think of!

If you're not keen on plastics in your kid's about baskets?
These, again, are great at hiding away bits and pieces, although not so effective for stacking...!

These numbered baskets add such a calming effect to what would make a great crafting/play room...I can just imagine a rabble of kids around that table creating their masterpieces...and then everything back in the baskets minutes after they've finished...easy peasy!

Take inspiration from the kitchen and use magnetic knife racks for metal toys....

Or the garden...with painted trellis and a few drawer knobs...just fill draw-string bags with toys and hang out of the way.

Look out for office storage equipment that will adapt for kid's toys...

Or D.I.Y. accessories...this tool box is easily portable and offers a bit of extra seating...!

Storage for your kid's toys can be as varied as the items you'll be putting in keep an eye out for anything that may suit your needs...

Hope this helps with clearing the little bits and pieces away...!

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