Friday, 8 July 2011

Weekend project, painting a chalkboard for your kid's room.

I'm a big fan of chalkboard gives the flexibility to design and create chalkboard wall art to suit your own needs, and takes little time or effort!
And what child wouldn't love a reusable wall to doodle over...?

So, here's how you do it...
First decide on where the chalkboard is going to go...and what shape it's going to be!
Ask the kids what they'd like or blend in with their interests, animals, music, mythical name it!

specialised from the heart

Simple box shapes are best marked out with masking tape.
If you've decided on a more complicated shape, try drawing straight onto the wall or making a stencil.

Then paint on the chalkboard'll need two to three coats to give a really good surface.

Once the paint has dried fully...check details on the tin...rub the surface over with a piece of chalk and wash off...this apparently helps future cleaning of the surface!

There! You're done...a useful drawing surface for the kids and a saving on paper into the bargain...!

If your kids are older and 'out and about' why not create a calandar in their room for updates on social and school activities...?

Have you given your home the chalkboard paint makeover?
I'd love to see your artistic talents....

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