Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Independence Day decor for kids.

Creating this blog has now taken two and a half days thanks to several computer 'malfunctions'...I know the weather has been changeable but I'm not sure it's down to atmospherics alone!
Anyway, it's done...I could've painted an entire room in the time it's taken me to do this!!

With Americans around the world coming down from their July 4th celebrations we've been giving a thought to patriotic decorating for a child's room.
Naturally there are certain factors that are fairly fixed...prominent colours are going to be red, white and blue...and any pattern is likely to feature stars and stripes...but, here at Dreams and Wishes, I've not let the rules dictate!
Over recent years the Union Jack flag has been extremely popular as a home decor feature...not so much the American how about a bit of a change?

Firstly, consider how scale could work in your kid's room.
I love the idea of a massive statement like this oversized wallpaper panel...from Wallpaper Space.

You'd need to be quite 'minimal' with the rest of the decor though or the effect could be lost in all the clutter.
I'd keep the rest of the room white, with plain white furniture and plenty of hidden storage. about a shift in the other direction, with a subtle hand-printed effect wallpaper?
This one from Laura Ashley is covered in tiny stars...

If a starting point is eluding you why not look for art pieces that will not only add drama to the room but give a focus for the rest of the scheme.

I love the painting above by Childe Hassam...not only does it depict the American flag, but also offers lots of scope for the colour and style of the room it would hang in.
The simple white star by Julie Smith would inspire me to create a simple paired-down room with a 'shabby-chic' feel...lots of washed out red and blue and vintage furniture.

So what about colour?
Obviously, red white and blue are your options, but don't be afraid to experiment with different shades of these colours...
The furniture below, from Ghost, is painted in muted colours that add a 'lived-in' charm, rather than the harsh primary colours often used in a red, white and blue kid's room scheme.

The walls in this room have been painted a refreshing sky blue to compliment the more traditional colour elements...image from House Beautiful.

These cushions from Karen Hilton break completely from tradition whilst retaining the 'American' theme if the idea of red, white and blue is starting to bore you...!

When it comes to flooring...I'd go for a rug in a stripe or star pattern...that way you can incorporate it into future designs...

Now to add the final touches...
I especially like the use of the flag as a curtain in this bedroom...seen on Shelter Pop.

Or, how about simply changing door and drawer knobs to fit with the scheme...?
These are from Surroundings...

Hopefully, these ideas have given you a bit of inspiration to create your own U.S. of A. style in your home.

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