Monday, 2 August 2010

Why I like The Little Experience.

With weeks to go before the end of the Summer holidays and ideas to keep the kids amused running low, maybe The Little Experience is the answer to your woes.

If you're not aware of them I thoroughly recommend a visit to their website, where you'll find a huge range of craft kits, grouped conveniently in age range, skills base or craft skills...
...There's also loads of free downloads on all sorts of subjects like party themes and arranging a nature trail.

Everything has an 'eco' on a project and get up-cycling ideas for the packaging too!

Send in a photo of your kids and their Little Experience creations and they can be on the website...or even be on the boxes of the products cool is that?

I'm 'cool' still the word to use?
I'm not the only one to rave over this company...their products have been nominated for
shed-loads of awards and you can see the 'winners' on the website too.

Oh! Did I mention the's fresh and user-friendly with oodles of information.
The kits are clearly displayed, with ample advice on skills suitability.
Just all aspects...if you get a few minutes peace from the kids, visit the site....

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