Wednesday, 17 November 2010

'Enchanted Forest' room theme ideas

There's not many kids that don't love letting off steam outdoors...
Add a few 'outdoorsy' features to your child's room for a timeless decorating theme.
Most classic fairy tales have an enchanted forest scene...think Little Red Riding Hood or Snow White...or films, Bambi perhaps?...even Harry Potter's had his share of woodland adventures.
Indulge yourself...after all, this is inspirational homework...!
Make a real statement with a feature wall full of leafy trees...using digital 'wallpapers'..!
Add pieces of rustic furniture, keep the style simple with a hand-made feel in natural woods.
Use textured, natural fabrics like tweeds or linens in woodland colours...mossy and forest greens, leafy rusts and yellows, etc...
Create an Autumnal forest floor with a leafy-design rug.
Add a bit of fun with woodland animal accessories...lamps, cushions, soft toys, etc...

Here's a Dreams and Wishes take on the woodland room theme....

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