Monday, 1 August 2011

Hand made rag dolls by Jess Brown.

I've been whiling away the hours online tonight...without really achieving anything... A far cry from the last week or so, when the house has been turned upside-down with an abundance of 'recycling projects'.
The garage has been cleared of a number of pieces of furniture, only to be replaced with more well deserving items eager for a new lease of life...hence the lack of blogs recently!

Still my lazy evening has not been in vain...I came across these delightful rag dolls...I hesitate to use the term 'rag'...these dolls are hand made using cotton, linens, recycled and vintage fabrics and each is made to order.
Jess  Brown is their creator, having started out eleven years ago making dolls for her children.
Go to the website for more details and photos....

I love the stockings....

Even the small number of clothes and accessories are beautifully made...

A far cry from the examples I've made over the years...but a target to aim for maybe...!

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