Sunday, 25 March 2012

Garden play ideas for the kids.

What better place is there for kids to safely let off steam...?
Whether you've a postage stamp-sized back yard or vast swathe of sweeping lawn, there's scope for an imaginative play area...


Include a mix of activities that test a variety of skills...climbing frames and swings help with gross motor skills, while getting up close to the wildlife encourages a more delicate approach.

It doesn't need to be perfect...create a little wilderness with plants, logs, rocks, etc. alongside play-specific items. Kids will love the combination of natural and man-made items to inspire their imagination.

Make space for a den or hideaway...somewhere to sit that offers shade and shelter...

house to home

Encourage small wildlife areas with bird boxes, wormeries, bee houses, etc...

dawn issac

It's a fact! Messing about in the dirt helps develop a child's imune system and a 'hands-on' experience encourages learning...just think of all the kid's classic stories that include 'the outdoors'.
Enid Blyton and her Famous Five...Swallows and's an extensive list when you think about it.

With the warmer days fast's an ideal time to review your outside space and create a kid's play paradise...

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