Monday, 22 October 2012

Classy Halloween decorations.

I do love Halloween...I think I've said this before!
It's a great excuse to decorate the house with spooky accessories...but how to do it with style...?

Visit most shops this week and you'll find all sorts of hideous items that the kids will be drawn to... most of them will involve flashing lights and garish colours!
But work your way through the 'chuff' and you could find a few gems....take a look at these delightful Halloween deco ideas for inspiration....

Traditional pumpkin faces are a must...but who wants to be up half the night cutting out faces and scooping out pumpkin pulp...?
Paint or draw funny faces on groupings of little pumpkins...I can't help thinking this lot above have just heard a good joke....!

Experiment with colours for your overall look...these pale pumpkins look fab.
And I love the false teeth...

Spiders are a must for Halloween decorations...make a real statement with black petticoat netting for your cobweb, and huge spiders....this would look good outside or indoors.

What about a more stylish, low-key effect...?
The black and white Halloween accessories look very 'grown-up'.

Whilst I know these mice are just cardboard cut-outs, I can't help feeling a little nervous that they're about to start running around....creepy!
These little critters would be easy to make and stick around the house...I think I'd have to introduce a witches cat or two though...
Here's a similar idea using a bat shape....cut out lots and stick them to a wall in great numbers for a spooky effect...

Or paint winter twigs black and add bird shapes for a creepy mobile....
Feeling artistic...?
I so want to have a go at making this little chap....I can't find the link to see how it's done....but am thinking a wire framework covered with cotton rags coated in glue should do the trick.
I'll let you know if it works!
Don't forget a Halloween teatime...even everyday foods can be given the spooky touch....
Who'd have thought Halloween could introduce such a stylish impact to your home...?
Save the garish colours and bad taste for the sweets at the door...

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