Friday, 2 November 2012

How to make a kid's room wallpaper mural ...

With wallpaper making a fashionable comeback this style of animal mural has graced many an interiors magazine of late....


So how did we do it.....?

Firstly we chose our wallpaper...Soprano in Teal by Graham and Brown....'cos it looked like fish scales!
We then drew out a simple fish shape and enlarged it to the desired size....newspaper sheets are ideal for this.

Next, the wall was prepared with a light sand-down and washed with soapy water....before being painted in a fresh white.
It's best at this stage to mark lightly, in pencil, where you'd like the wallpaper pieces to go.

We drew round the fish template onto the back of the wallpaper, cut them out and brushed on a generous amount of wallpaper paste before sticking them up using the pencil marks.

Et voila...!

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