Wednesday, 27 February 2013

My first I.T. moodboard...!

Well, not really...I've created plenty using good ole' fashioned paper and glue...but this is the first using I.T. techniques....and I've been sat at my laptop for so long my nether regions have gone numb!

I know it's not up to the excellent standards you'll see on the likes of Decor8 or Design Sponge...but look out Blogger-world here I come....!

They say taking on a challenge keeps your mind and body fresh, and how true they are...just like a baby taking her first stumbling steps across the nursery, I feel I've achieved great things tonight.

And here it is....Ta Da!

See...! It doesn't hurt to try something new...or different...or perceptively difficult...
I'm still here...and it doesn't appear that the sky has fallen in during the hours it's taken me to get this far....!
In six months time I'll compare this effort with the masterpieces I will be creating and we'll all have a giggle at my expense....

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