Friday, 17 May 2013

Oh! to live in Maileg-land...'s been a busy week!
I made it to the big gift fair at Earls Court on Sunday...despite the best efforts of the London underground trying to prevent me....but didn't make it to the Mid-century show at Lords Cricket Ground...again, down to tube train disruptions!
Ah well, there's always December!

But my day was 'made up' when I saw the Maileg stand...and I couldn't resist putting in an look out for new stuff on the website soon.

What an adorably cute feel a few of these bunnies make to a kid's room...

And my excuses for not blogging regularly lately...?
Well that's down to good old shift-work I'm afraid....working as a police officer has it's good points, but working unsocial hours is certainly not one of them! I hope things will settle down again soon and I can get back to some more blogging....

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