Friday, 26 July 2013

Just a few Royal baby room ideas...

 It was lovely to see the safe arrival of Prince George this week...mind you, with the list of eminent professionals involved in his birth, there was little chance of anything going wrong...let's face it!
And I'm not one for nosing in on other people's lives but I couldn't help getting excited as little George made his first appearance....

As an interior designer, I'd love a peek into the Royal nursery...but let's face it, it aint ever gonna happen!
So I'll be content just wondering...and coming up with my own ideas...

I'm imagining a soft neutral colour scheme and classic furniture...


And what about a beautiful crib like this....No, I don't think it's too you? And Kate made vintage lace popular all over again...didn't she.

 Maybe just a little bit of a vintage feel...and I realise that baby George is unlikely to be sleeping in the attic...!

Oh! I'm speechless...never mind for a baby's room...this is mine..!!

 Or this...I's a cot!


 Grey is all the rage for interiors at the mo...I wonder if the new parents have gone for this trend..?


  1. Love your looks for the nursery. Just building myself a summer house to paint in so came across your blog - lovely ideas you have.

  2. Thank you Paulene for getting in touch, I'm pleased you like the blog....I'm still learning how it's done...but there's so much lovely stuff out there...
    Hope to hear from you again soon.
    Best wishes,