Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Kid's wallpapers from Little Cube.

I'm mostly of the opinion that when choosing larger decorative elements for your kid's room it's a good idea to avoid 'child-specific' themes that'll date very quickly...and whilst at first glance I thought Little Cube's kid's wallpapers were firmly in the 'limited time-frame' category, I'm now not so sure!

How charming is this example for instance?
The lack of colour gives it a certain sophisticated style, don't you think?
And the characters are just perfect for making up bed-time stories with the little ones.

I'd keep with the monochrome theme with other features in the room...including a matt black cot or bed...

And blue-grey string lights for a cool scandi feel...

Being a lover of Donna Wilson's animal characters, I'd have to include one or two deliciously soft cat cushions too!

Forgive me...can I indulge my inner Maileg...?
No room based on cats would be complete without one of these little fellas....

Oh! and here's another example of my blossoming mood-board skills....can you see the improvements?

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