Sunday, 12 April 2015

Three easy ways to add dots and spots to a kid's room.

Whenever I see dotty decorations in a kid's room it makes me think of confetti at a summer wedding; brightly coloured discs of celebration swirling around the happy couple...putting everyone in a good what better way to cheer up a kid's room.

If you're competent at hanging wallpaper, or know someone who is, create a spotty wall behind the bed or in an alcove. Try Harlequin's neutral design for a casual finish in a nursery or go bold with gold glitter-effect spots from favourite!


Or try a more 'random' finish using a stencil...the Stencil Library has loads of dotty designs...but you could always make your own...

And finally...wall stickers!
Probably the easiest option of them all...and the least messy!!!
Again, you can either buy them ready to stick to the wall...or try making them yourself...


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