Thursday, 30 July 2015

Unexpected success in my first craft and flower exhibition.

Since embracing village life with a move eighteen months ago, I felt it was about time to get involved with the annual craft and flower you do!
Joining the Craft and Chatter group a few weeks previously inspired me to get involved, as well a bit of friendly rivalry I have to say.

In fact, I found myself helping out for the whole day and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Anyway, three exhibits later and I came away with a trophy!
It's only little but I'm proud of it anyway.

So what did I exhibit...?
Two miniature flower arrangements...and I've never arranged flowers a first place for this one...

...and a third place for this the novelty class

...and then my baby polar bears got me another first place in the miniature craft section....

According to those in the know, these little guys won me the trophy...which makes all the hard work creating them worthwhile...

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