Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Picture perfect...ideas for displaying artwork

Kid's rooms always benefit from a display of artwork...whether it be the first scribbles from play school or a selection of carefully considered photos depicting the growth of a little one.
But how do you make the best of these unique decorative features...?

Firstly, decide on the pieces that you plan to hang on the wall, this could relate to a pleasing grouping or a fun theme.

Next, decide how you will frame your chosen with the artwork, aim to keep to a loose theme...try mix-matched frames in one bright colour or stick to identical shapes and sizes for a symetrical look.

Lay out your chosen frames on the floor to decide on a pleasing display, or make up paper templates and tape them to the wall...before drilling any holes...!

Try to centre your display around eye-level, this is usually considered to be around 5ft high, remember that your kids may appreciate their artwork at a lower level to best see it....

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