Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Vintage French kid's room style tips.

Fresh and relaxed, vintage French styling has long been a popular decorating trend.
Try starting with a soft cream on the walls and add colours inspired by the French countryside.

Here at Dreams and Wishes we prefer a more contemporary feel with soft greys.

Exposed floorboards covered in slightly worn rugs is ideal...or paint the boards to compliment your scheme.

Furniture should be a mis-match of pieces either wrought iron or time-worn wood, natural or painted. Search thrift stores and flea markets for pre-stressed pieces.

The only lighting option is a vintage looking chandelier...! Consider a smaller style if you have low ceilings to avoid overkill...

Keep bedlinens plain and in muted colours while making a feature with cushions piled high.

Windows look good with classic wooden shutters and lightly draped natural fabrics.

Looking for further inspiration...? Try leafing through Caroline Clifton-Mogg's book on French country living.

French interiors offer casual comfort and a romantic feel...

For a contemporary feel try using soft greys as a colour base...

Or go for warm creams and soft natural colours that depict the countryside...

The mis-matched painted furniture and wrought iron cradle in this image are classic examples of vintage French style....

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