Sunday, 30 October 2011

Have you been watching Kelly Hoppen on Channel 5..?

I stumbled upon this series quite by accident...whilst online....and I don't normally go in for 'reality' programmes, but I'm hooked...!
Each episode breaks down the design process into crucial to best use the available space, lighting, client needs, colour and texture...and Kelly comes across as incredibly patient as she deals with some pretty demanding clients...!
Anyone watching this series will quickly realise that being an interior designer is about much, much more than picking out a few accessories and paint colours...!!
Watch it here....Superior Interiors...but hurry, 'cos there's a time limit.

And here are just a few wonderful Kelly Hoppen interiors...

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  1. Hi there, quite by chance I've stumbled across your blog. I love this post as I really like Kelly Hoppen and her interiors. Sharon