Wednesday, 12 October 2011

An inspiration for my business... Jan Eleni.

I'm being interviewed tomorrow for a local children's events magazine.
It got me thinking....about my business...designing children's rooms, my inspirations and role models and my goals for the future.

Certainly, in the Summer of 2006 when I was contemplating a return to the world of design, the chance reading of a Cookie Magazine article on Jan Eleni, the New York based children's interior designer, persuaded me that my musings on a similar vein were not as fanciful as I'd first opportunity to start my own design business followed within weeks...and I jumped at the chance!
Dreams and Wishes, children's interiors was launched...

Jan Eleni told Decor8's Holly Becker that she started her business to break away from typical 'cookie cutter' style room designs and involve the kid's in the design process to best achieve a result that everyone would be happy with....both these aspects have strongly influenced my own motivations for my business too.

I continue to be a great admirer of Jan's work and visit her website on occasions to catch up on new projects... see for yourself her unique style and flair.....while I go away and prepare my interview notes...!

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  1. Wow! These rooms are spectacular. If I were a kid, I would love to have rooms like these. Yes, having an inspiration for your business fuels your creativity. So how did the interview go? I would love to read about it. :o)