Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Stylish display ideas for photo's of the kids.

Traditional freestanding photo frames take up space and can leave a room looking's time to be more imaginative about displaying treasured moments of your child's development.

Keeping the frames simple in design and colour gives a uniformity to this striking display...the choice of black and white images keeps it 'edgy' and modern.

The addition of a bit of neutral colour brings this random selection of frames and images a relaxed display...I do so love the use of these narrow shelves too.

Whilst the colours in this display are still limited to neutrals, the frames are more random...and the addition of other decorative features breaks up all the 'squares'...

A staircase wall is often left empty of colour or interest...but can be transformed with a gallery of family photos...

A vintage window frame makes a perfect vignette for these equally vintage photos...

What about a wallpaper-esque montage for a feature wall...?
I love the 1970's golden tone of these images.

This old blackboard works as a giant frame for an ad-hoc display...easy to update!

A pinboard is another easy easy solution for everyday snapshots of family life.

Pegging photos onto wire mesh screens, lengths of ribbon and string or wooden frames make easy-to-use displays that the kids can update with their favourite images.

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