Saturday, 23 June 2012

Decorating tips for a small room.

Let's face it, chances are your new arrival will be occupying the smallest room of the house for a few years to come, so it makes sense to prepare in advance to ensure every corner of that little space is put to good use.

In any room carefully considered storage is key...think about every area of your room that could accomodate some form of storage...
Make 'friends' with a reputable local carpenter or builder who may be able to come up with some imaginative solutions to your storage problems.


Small rooms filled with clutter look even smaller.
Limit the amount of display storage and go for cupboards, drawers, boxes or baskets to keep everyday items out of sight.
It's no coincidence that many kid's rooms are painted in pale colours...they have the effect of making the room much bigger...keep the bold colours for accessories.

Make good use of the height in the room.
Loft beds are an obvious example of space-saving furniture ideas...

apartment therapy

Be imaginative with the pushed to the outer walls of a room can often make it look smaller...

Take time out to plan and prepare your tiny room...that would be my one piece of advice...hasty decisions often lead to decorating disasters that cost time and money to put right, and with so much choice it can be a bit mind-blowing to get started without some idea of how you expect the the room to cope beyond baby's first twelve months...
Put together ideas, samples and images of favoured ideas and keep the all-important room dimensions with you for never know when you might need them!
And seek free advice from 'experienced' parents, professional designers, decorators or craftsmen via the Web...

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