Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Toy storage ideas for the living room.

It's inevitable that the kid's toys will eventually reach 'grown-up' areas of the house so be ready for them with these quick and easy storage ideas for living room spaces...



Baskets are one of the easiest ways to keep toys at bay...there's loads of choice to suit all tastes...

red editions

Look for 'designer' options for a modern home....this bubble-style tub is made from it's eco-friendly too...beautiful!


Wheeled storage is always useful if you need to get stuff out of the way quickly and easily...

Adapt existing furniture pieces to accomodate kids paraphernalia...these coffee tables are a great idea...




Hiding lots of clutter behind doors and in drawers means you can clear up in no time....


...and make use of awkward spaces for more permanent storage features.

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