Monday, 8 April 2013

Have you ever wondered how they make pop-up books?

In keeping with our interest in story-telling this month we've been fascinated by the art and mechanics of pop-up books.

See what we do they do that?

Apparently they've been doing it since the early 1300's and it wasn't till the 18th Century that some bright spark thought the idea of 3D books would appeal to kids.

One of the modern specialists is a man called Robert Sabuda....all his books get a five-star rating on Amazon and we can see why....Cinderella and Alice above are his creations!

Being in love with crafting and creating we're going to have a go at some of the more basic 'how to' ideas on Robert's website...and make them into greeting cards!

With several days of the Easter hols to go...and the weather still distinctly 'cool' why not keep your little ones busy too...?

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