Thursday, 3 February 2011

Classic window decor for a family home.

I have a dilemma!
How to allow maximum natural light into my house without compromising on house fronts onto the I'm usually drawing the curtains mid afternoon so that I can turn on the lights without feeling 'exposed'.
I think the solution is going to be a classic set of wooden shutters, and here's why...

  • A clssic design that will fit any interior style, from country cottage to modern apartment.

  • Fully adjustable to let in maximum light while maintaining privacy.

  • Easy to keep clean and suitable for dust allergy sufferers.

  • Helps with home insulation and can help reduce heating costs.

  • Increases the sale value of your home.

  • Reduces external noise levels.

  • Hardwearing and durable so don't have to be replaced.
Need I say more...? Oh yes! They look absolutely beautiful...

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