Thursday, 17 February 2011

A simple decorating classic...make your own bunting.

With festivals and fairgrounds being one of the trends for children's rooms this summer, here at Dreams and Wishes we've been looking at a simple idea that'll put you way ahead in the style stakes...
Take a look at these delightful examples of how a simple string of bunting can have dramatic effect....

Or, how about something a little more harmonious...?

How about having a go at making your's a great way of using up scraps of fabrics from other projects...all you need are some fabric pieces, a length of bias binding tape, pins, sewing thread and scissors.
Using this template, cut out enough shapes to make the length of bunting you require.
Space out the shapes evenly along the bias binding tape, fold over the top edge and pin in place.
Sew each shape in place with a simple running stitch, leaving enough bias binding at each end to hang in're done..easy!
Which is more than I can say for getting this blog done...I'm only 24 hours late..!
My computer was at a standstill most of yesterday evening and tonight has not been much better...but hopefully the wait has been worthwhile....

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