Friday, 18 February 2011

Enhancing your kid's room..a four point plan.

As we emerge from the cold and dark into Spring, I can't help getting excited about a spring-clean around the house. I must remember to pace myself though or I just end up with a bigger mess than I started with...!
And tackling a child's room can sometimes just seem like a mission impossible...take heart though, with the half-term holidays upon us, you might have some willing volunteers...!
It's useful to get the kid's 'on side' if you're planning a raid on their rooms so take advantage of the school break to get things started.
Try these simple ideas, from Dreams and Wishes, for spring-cleaning your child's room...

Assess the layout...Take a piece of paper and measure out a simple plan of the room. Make up paper shapes of the existing furniture and try moving the shapes around the plan for alternative layouts...let the kids have a go, you might be pleasantly surprised by their ideas.

Edit everything...Do you really need all the existing furniture, toys, clothes, etc.?
Take time to sort out the unwanted, unused and broken items and dispose of boot, charity, recycle....

Add colour...You don't have to go mad! Just a wall painted in a new shade will do the trick....or try painting a piece of furniture for a fresh feel.

Add new bedding...With warmer weather on the way...well, almost...keep an eye out for fresh designs. Use plain or gingham cottons for sheets and pillowcases and mix with funky themed duvet covers and throws.

There you have it...a few ideas to help you enhance the kid's rooms over the half-term holidays.
I will be putting these ideas into practice tomorrow morning as I start on a Dreams and Wishes project for a little boy obsessed with outer space! I love my job!!

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