Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Kid's room decor...graffiti.

I know what you're thinking...bit extreme for a kid's room!
Admittedly, I think this style would work better in an older boy's room, and can be quite before you start practising your spray-can skills around the house consider smaller additions gradually until you 're happy with the effect.
Keep the walls white and give the floor an 'industrial' feel with wood or best show off your graffiti pieces...

Start with lampshades...modern printing techniques mean you can choose your own images.
Find similar at re-surface

The use of lettering and slogans in kid's rooms has long been your own graffiti lettering and create unique wall art...

These wooden panels, each depicting a letter of the alphabet, are great for making up your kid's name or a suitably 'hip' slogan...or how about a funky twist in a baby's room.
These are from Wishbone in San inspired and make your own...!

Graffiti doesn't have to be garish colours and 'in-your-face' images...using softer colours and an abstract design can have a more contemporary effect...

Or go all out...! These two murals were created by graffiti artists from Graffiti4hire in the UK....

I love the edgy feel of graffiti in a kid's room...the secret is to incorporate it into your decor in small doses. Look out for fabrics and bed linens if painting the walls seems too much, or try stenciling a Banksy style image for a more subtle style.

No two graffiti styles are the same and there is a style to suit everyone...have fun checking out what's out there!

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  1. As an art teacher and a lover of graffiti as a legitimate art form, I appreciate the platform you are giving it in everyday spaces.