Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Monochrome kid's room ideas.

Black and white have always been a classic combination, both in clothing and interiors, and are big this season, both on the catwalk and the home!

It might not seem the obvious choice for a kids room, however, research shows that the visual development of young babies is stimulated by contrasts...and you can't get much more of a contrast than black and white...!

It's important to know the kind of style you're aiming for...vintage, country, modern contemporary?...and ideally, you need to keep an equal balance of both black and white in the chosen room.

Leave space on the walls and around furniture to give a calming, restful feel...

As a teenager I remember having a bedroom in the eaves of our house with exposed black wooden beams everywhere...I created my first 'monochrome' interior there, with white washed walls and ceiling, and poster-size black and white images of iconic movie stars lent against the small amount of upright wall space I had...
In fact a display of black and white photos in monochrome frames is a great starting point for this particular style....
Here's Dreams and Wishes pick of monochrome ideas...

Start with a feature wall...maybe a graphic wallpaper, a black stencil or blackboard paint!
And I couldn't help myself when I saw this delightful lamp....
The wallpaper is from Rose and Grey and the lamp, Graham and Green.

A cheap, fun way to spruce up a room...and great in a kids room for ad-hoc seating...

Zebra print is in about a striking rug for a real statement?

Want something a little softer on the eye?

How about this from Designers Guild...depicting a country garden scene...imagine the stories your kids could tell about this magic garden...

I couldn't resist this Missoni!

And how about these examples of monochrome kid's rooms...?

I know what you're going to say....but a splash of red kinda' makes this room, don't you think?

There's probably more grey than black in this a softer feel.

I find this room rather stark...but a good idea for a starting point...what if the black paint was chalk-board paint...!?

Oh what fun!

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