Saturday, 18 June 2011

A Father's Day movie treat.

So!'s Father's Day tomorrow...!
Want to do something a little different to make Dad feel special?
How about an evening at The Movies...without leaving the house...

It's simple...and what kid doesn't love the cinema?

Firstly...have a think about films with a 'Dad' theme...that the whole family can enjoy...take it back in time for a classic...or an animated's a few to get you thinking...

Father of the Bride ...Daddy Day Care ...The Lion King ...Mrs Doubtfire ...Field of Dreams ...Fantastic Mr Fox ...Finding Nemo ...

Next...make up some simple tickets to hand over at the living room door...just like a real cinema.


Or download these to make it even easier...

No cinema would be complete without the popcorn and pick-n-mix...and it takes a few minutes to make your own, with the wonders of a microwave.

get the kids to lay out sweets in small containers for Dad to make his selection...hopefully you'll still have some left by the time it's Dad's turn.

Create a cinema atmosphere in the living room by drawing the curtains and keep the lighting low.
You could put numbers on the chairs and have background music playing too...
Get the kids to take Dad's ticket at the door and show him to his seat...if available, provide them with a small torch to guide him through the darkened room.

Then everyone takes their seats for the main event...!
A fun way to keep the kids amused and a great evenings' entertainment...

Have a Happy Father's Day.

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