Monday, 6 June 2011

Research shows eating mud is good for you.

Yes, it's official!
Read it here....scientists, no less, in America have come up with some very 'grown-up' reasons why eating a little bit of dirt is good for you.
Now, I don't want to rain on their parade...but I think there's probably a lot of parents out there who knew that already! What do you say?

OK, this may be a bit extreme...but what does it mean for the kids? I suggest a bit of gardening might be the opportunity to get dirty while growing healthy fruit and veg into the bargain...whoopie!

Here's a Dreams and Wishes 'Top Ten' of gardening tips for the youngsters....
  1. Make a space in the garden specifically for the kids or, if space is lacking, use patio pots.
  2. Pick a few of their favourite fruit, veg or flower seeds to encourage involvement.
  3. Start with something that grows quickly to maintain interest, such as lettuce or radishes.
  4. Provide them with good quality, child-sized tools to help with tasks.
  5. Include plants they enjoy eating so that they can appreciate the growing process and enjoy the fruits of their labour.
  6. Don't forget to label seeds as you plant for easy reference during growing period.
  7. Find fun ways to protect seedlings from birds, etc. Get the kids to make a scarecrow or bird scarer.
  8. Give everyone little tasks to keep them active and interested.
  9. Be prepared to get very dirty...keep a supply of old clothes available.
  10. Be amazed when your kids actually want to eat their greens and have the cook books ready.

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