Saturday, 25 June 2011

Habitat goes into administration.

How surprised was I to hear the news that Habitat (UK) has gone into administration...?
The brand is as old as I am...ouch! So maybe I just thought it would keep going forever...!
I know it's not the first major player to disappear from our High Streets...and sales of homewares have dipped over the last couple of years...but still, Habitat...!!!?

At Dreams and Wishes we took a look through some classic Habitat design classics, past and present, for our favourite kid's room mix....

How about the Mini Hana four poster bed to start with....and it's specially designed 'wendy curtains'...

...And a bright green Slot wardrobe...with storage that suits the growing stages of your little ones.

While we're adding a bit of colour...I'm thinking this Nelly bookshelf is a must!

... and this bright ply desk...

We'd finish the room with some graphic textiles....

What a shame that these bold, modern designs may well disappear from our high streets in the very near future?
There is good news though...the three flagship stores in London will all is not lost!

What's been your favourite Habitat purchase?

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