Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Furniture re-vamps

We love the idea of updating second-hand furniture here at Dreams and Wishes.
Not only is it good for the environment but you'll end up with a 'one-off' piece to wow your friends with.

It's an ideal way to furnish a kid's room as you won't be fretting over damage to a costly piece of furniture.


It's an easy process to get your flea-market find looking as good as these examples....

Step one...Preparation.
Remove drawer and door knobs, locks, etc. Wash down the surfaces with a suitable cleaner. Repair any dinks or small holes with a wood filler. Sand the surface to remove the original finish.

Step two...Paint.
Use a paint suitable for wood surfaces. Lightly sand between coats for a smooth finish. Two coats is usually enough.

Step three...Protect.
Once paint is fully dry, protect the surface with a varnish or wax. Once dry, replace or re-new handles etc.


  1. This is such a coincidence, I've recently drafted my cupboard love post which I will post this weekend...very similar, I think re-cycling furniture is the future... great post! Sharon

  2. I'll take a look...it's a good thing all round I think, Saves money and saves the environment!

  3. Hello! I love your blog! Great inspiration!
    My name is Kristen and I was wondering if you could email me at kristen.c@designshuffle.com I would love to discuss a guest post opportunity!

  4. Thank you for your comments Kristen...I will definately contact you...Diana.