Tuesday, 7 February 2012

How to create a Retro interior style...

What is it...?
Good point! It seems to have become a 'catch-all' for an eclectic range of interior styles...but in it's simplist form, relates to designs of the 50's, 60's and 70's.
Originally a chance to be bold with colours, new materials and outlook after the bleak war years, it seems like a good time to inject a little 'Retro' into our lives again...!

Now...I'm not suggesting you go '1970's disco' immediately...

The effects can be toned down for a more sophisticated look.

However, it is a bold style and works well when applied with confidence...
Follow these tips from Dreams and Wishes for incorporating Retro into your home.
  • Research with books, magazines, websites and dedicated blogs to find a style that suits you and your home. The RetroToGo blog is a particular favourite of ours.
  • Think bold colours and patterns. Turquoise, mint green, mustard yellow and, don't forget, the classic orange and brown combo...were all popular in this era.

  • Accessorise a plain room with funky, bright objects salvaged at flea markets, car boot sales and online auction sites...prices have risen considerably over recent years but it's still possible to grab a bargain or two.

furniture and home
  • Have fun with lighting. Look beyond the obvious Lava lamp for more classic styles.

  • Be sympathetic to the materials of the era. This was a time when new materials were making a big impact in design...look for chrome, plastic, leather and laquered finishes.

The real beauty of this style is that there are very few rules to follow...bearing in mind that you're 'borrowing' design ideas from a thirty year time-frame.
You can spend a fortune on original furniture and accessories for a truly authentic look, or pick up reproductions and second-hand finds to create your own unique take...maybe that's why it's remainded such a popular theme over these recent austere years.
Have fun...!

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