Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Mezzanine floors in kid's rooms.

A recent survey suggests that a third of families in the UK are struggling for extra space at home...and it's going to take a bit more than clearing unwanted clutter to put it right apparently...!

What about a mezzanine floor to accomodate more space without moving or taking on expensive extensions?
OK, so it's not without cost...but considerably cheaper than most other solutions...and I'm sure you could be persuaded with these great ideas....

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  1. Nice beds I am moving house so this is interesting for me E.W 10 yrs

  2. Interesting ideas...

  3. There are so many benefits and advantages of using Mezzanine flooring, whether it is in warehouse or any industries .In fact a warehouse design is not complete without a mezzanine floor, since such floors are durable and easy to maintain. It creates additional space to the floor in less cost

  4. These sure are great ideas on the design of mezzanine beds. I like the one with the slide. Kids will surely enjoy it.

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